Repeat Until Death 2018 Novo Amor
TrekRepeat Until Death

Artis: Novo Amor

Album: Birthplace

Waktu rilis: 19-10-2018

Low, a part of me now

A palm to my mouth

I said it, almost

Snow, brother, I'll bet it all gold

Shudder with blood in my nose

I had it, almost

Don't go, you're half of me now

But I'm hardly stood proud

I said it, almost

Oh, I've been low, but damn it, I bet it don't show

It was heaven a moment ago

Oh, I had it, almost

We had it, almost

Oh, I can't seem to let myself leave you

But I can't breathe anymore

Oh, I can't seem to not need to need you

And I can't breathe anymore

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