Ventura Boulevard (Album Version) 1995 The Everly Brothers
TrekVentura Boulevard (Album Version)

Artis: The Everly Brothers

Album: Roots

Waktu rilis: 09-05-1995

Ventura Boulevard - The Everly Brothers

Everyone thinks I've been gone for too long

I only went for a ride


Down to the boulevard where I could see

All of the windows and what was inside


Me, I don't know why she liked me


It was a hayride, a day ride or more

I can't remember the time


It was a slow walk, a fast talk for sure

We had an ice cream for only a dime


We had the good time she wanted


We took a minute and in it I smiled

There in the shade of the day


She liked the man, I admired the child

There was no other and no better way

To spend a good day together

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