When We Were Young 2016 Mocca
TrekWhen We Were Young

Artis: Mocca

Album: When We Were Young

Waktu rilis: 16-11-2016

When We Were Young - Mocca/Vicky Mono

Written by:Riko Prayitno/Arina Ephipania/Mocca


When all lights arround


And there is nothing left to see


When curtains is down


Now you have to do is leave


When we grow old


Will you stay here beside me


And be in love


Simple things will make us happy


No need to worried


Let's hold each other tight


When we grow old


When we grow old


Here we are now here we are now

Things are so easy are carefree not easy nor carefree


We are still in love


We are still in love

And there are times we are not happy


Sometimes we are not happy


More things to worried


But we're still holding hands


Here we are now


Here we are now


When the lights arround


And there nothing left to see


Before we say goodbye remember to take a bow


When we were young


We were so easy and carefree


We were in love


So many things made us happy


Nothing to worried


As long as we're holding hands


When we were young


When we were young

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