Gods Will Be Gods 2004 Echo & The Bunnymen
TrekGods Will Be Gods

Artis: Echo & The Bunnymen

Album: Porcupine

Waktu rilis: 07-12-2004

Gods Will Be Gods - Echo & The Bunnymen

How can you pretend


When there's so much at stake?


That it's a different world


And your hands don't shake?


At the end of the room


And the foot of the bar


We knew that soon


We'd be makin' our mark


Why do you defend


The part you have to take?


With your fingers on the world

Hoping your hands don't shake?

When you get the time


Why not think about

Connecting yours and mine

And turning into ours?

Back to the bar


I was feelin' it


The hole in the floor


Was where I would sit


Positions will be lost


And things will fall in place


The falling will not stop


Till we have found our face


Oh, will you mention?


Oh, will you mention my name to all?

Oh, will you mention my name to me?


Gods will be Gods

But my Lord forgot

I was made out of skin

Bones will be bones

But when I came home


There was no one in

So where were you stayin'

While I was out playin'?

Was nobody laying the foundation


The fulfilling of our killing?


How can you pretend


That there's so much at stake?


And it's a different world


And everything shakes?


You're the golden glow


You're the aftertaste

I am total love


I am total hate

Let's face facts


We won't mind


Stripped of us


We will


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