Kool Accordin' "2" A Jungle Brother (Album Version) 1989 Jungle Brothers
TrekKool Accordin' "2" A Jungle Brother (Album Version)

Artis: Jungle Brothers

Album: Done By The Forces Of Nature

Waktu rilis: 01-11-1989

Kool Accordin' 2 A Jungle Brother - Jungle Brothers

I know a brother who's smooth like a cat

So I looked in the mirror and patted him

on his back

Now I don't play when I do my thing

But ya better call the Kangaroos if I start

to sing

I've got plenty moves eyes open or eyes closed

But my best move baby is when I blow my nose

AfriKa my brother he lets loose when he lets go

When the braids are in Kool braids out GI Afro



Layin' up on an island buck-naked hangin' loose

A nice cold wooden bowl of freshly squeezed

Orange Juice

I started to sweat now that was hard to believe

So I stood up for a minute to catch that

5:15 breeze


While I was up I figured you know I stroll

over by the stream

Jump in and kool off from that burnin' hot sunbeam

Water from the river rushin' up my

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