Em Calls Paul 2018 Eminem
TrekEm Calls Paul

Artis: Eminem

Album: Kamikaze

Waktu rilis: 30-08-2018

Paul, yo, um

So I got your message, I wish you would answer the fuckin' phone

No, I don't plan to reply to everybody who fuckin' says something fucked up about me

But I will say this, I was reading some comments last night about, like, what people are fuckin' saying about Revival

And uhh

Yo, this Yahoo mother fucker, whatever the fuck his name is, said I, literally said I rhymed "rhymes" with "chimes"

"Sucker free, confidence high

Such a breeze when I pen rhymes"

Like, you don't understand I'm rhyming the entire fuckin' sentence you fuckin' moron

It's my fault 'cause you're fuckin' stupid

But I swear to God this motherfucker lives in Michigan and I think I figured out his address

And I'm on my way to his fuckin' house right now

I'll hit you back later

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