I've Been Dreaming Up A Storm Lately 2003 Pandora'S Box
TrekI've Been Dreaming Up A Storm Lately

Artis: Pandora'S Box

Album: Original Sin

Waktu rilis: 01-03-2003

Ah come on come on let me tell you all about it

We've got all the time in the world


That's good


That's nice


I've been dreaming up a storm lately


Over and over again


And now I can't stop can't stop


Been dreaming about mirrors


Millions of mirrors


An endless army af mirrors out of control

reflecting people to death


To blindness and then death


Oh and the mirrors kept getting larger


They kept growing swelling

They kept spreading out


And now I can't seem to stop them


They're still growing and I can't seem to stop them


I have to keep filling them up

I have to keep feeding them

And they're still getting larger And larger


The mirrors have become vast and beautiful

And very very hungry


Hungrier than I've ever been


Too hungry


I no longer have any control over what they show me or what they see


They decide themselves what they would like to reflect

They won't obey me


They create a reflection and then


I have to go out and find the real thing that matches it


And almost always when

I put the real thing in front of the mirrors

It's not nearly as beautiful as the reflection that came first


And at that point I have to destroy the real thing


And go out looking again until finally


I find another real thing


A thing that does match what's inside the mirror


And which is truly worthy of the beautiful reflection that came first


But I almost never find it


And the mirrors get even hungrier


Pretty soon now they're going to devour me


They're going to swallow me up Piece by piece


Bit by bit shiver by shiver tremble by tremble

Sliver and sliver and splinter by splinter


But you can help me please


They want you please


They've given me your image


Before I ever saw you they gave me you image


Please I'd like to make you one of my reflections


And feed you to the mirrors




They only need one more to fill them up


And if it were you I feel that they would be satisfied


As I would


Please You have such a beautiful reflection


Don't ever waste it





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