Love Like No Other - Album version 2003 Point Of Grace
TrekLove Like No Other - Album version

Artis: Point Of Grace

Album: 24

Waktu rilis: 16-12-2003

Love Like No Other - Point Of Grace

Who would've known

This heart would stumble on someone

As great as you

Out of the blue

Who would've guessed

That I would fall so deep

In a hope as true

As the one I found in You

Heaven's hands

Lead me to faith's open door

I'm surrounded by a grace

This soul just can't ignore


Lord, I'm Living in a love like not other

Lost in mercy like I've never known

Lord, I'm trusting in a love like no other

To lead me on


Who would've cared

Enough to reach beyond my thin disguise

To heal my life

Who would've dared

To wear the shame I carried deep inside

To be my sacrifice

Saving me

From myself in the nick of time

Forgiveness found

It's way into this heart of mine

(Repeat Chorus)



You embrace all that I am

It's beyond all reason

It's a love I'll never understand

(Repeat Chorus)


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