Str8 Westcoast (Remix-feat. Warren G, Shade Shiest, Nate Dogg & Xhibit) 2002 Knoc-Turn'al
TrekStr8 Westcoast (Remix-feat. Warren G, Shade Shiest, Nate Dogg & Xhibit)

Artis: Knoc-Turn'al

Album: LA Confidential Presents Knoc-Turn'al (Mini Album)

Waktu rilis: 30-07-2002


Str8 Westcoast (Remix-feat. Warren G, Shade Shiest, Nate Dogg & Xhibit) - Knoc-Turn'al

Written by:DR


Super ugly


Mr x to tha z


Yeah warren aaahaaa aaaahaaa


La indo


Gangster and mack mo

Bullets at your window dangerous


Ruthless hostile unforgiven


Who gave you permission to try to stop me from livin' huh

Try again faggot

You've gotta ride better than that

To move out in front of the pack

It's two thousand and two

My backpack raps got my backpack strapped and filled with plaques

I ain't relaxed or laid back at home with my feet up

I drop pradda lock and load heat the streets up

You weak f**k

Shakin and dancing

Ya'll take pills we take penitentiary chances


I'm too advanced is

Never the same when I hit it and quit it

You want it come get it I'm wit it

When I say that I'm wit it

That means I got a main defense team that's gon get me acquitted

G's is walkin out the courtroom like George Jefferson

Stop the interviewin the faggot had it comin to him

Warren g


What ya'll thought I wasn't gonna return with a hit

Too much smokin' that sherman sh*t


I learnt this from the best that got ya'll sprung what

The the doctor andre young


Compton lb ain't nothing y'all can tell me

Goin hard on the yard till my dogs bail me


They tells me I can't proceed wit it


I came back and got warren g wit it


West coast


Still smoking on that indo

Smoke oh no don't pretend oh no


I woulda came but I was dead break no mo


I'm rollin' on some real oh no


Bout to get it but niggas trip though

Let's go


I'm the realest and they all know

Real d**e

You need a filter or you will choke



That's all a ni**a will smoke

Oh no


Now niggas better get between their door door


I'm shakin all your sh*t onto the floor


And niggas don't get it

But be careful what you ask for you just might get it

Yo the undisputed middle weight champ runnin like hopkins

Clap six to ya shins niggas start hoppin' sheist never stoppin'


In other words if your click full


Can't press mute and it don't apply now


I'm feelin' funny in the tummy and a ni**a ain't been eatin for weeks i'm sick

I ain't trying to get no better

But rather

Infect the world leavin' vicks in an old sweater

Knoc's landin'


Tell me if it ain't me who got the best plannin' yup

Who got your ears tuned it and who keeps you listenin'


Who gots your undivided attention


Who makes your panties wet girl what


Hold up pause


Which ni**a on TV that you see makes you wanna give up the draws


At parties and shows I mash regardless


Yo hardest flows couldn't stop this bombardment


I clench the vision till there's no room for expansion

All prepared for war it's knoc's landin'


A nightly stalker in shadows I walk


Mindin my own while haters throw soft

The more I succeed the more b**ches clock


Through my peripheral vision I watch subconsciously


Waitin to introduce you to tragedy see


Knoc's landin'

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