National Education Week (LP Version) 1990 10000 Maniacs
TrekNational Education Week (LP Version)

Artis: 10000 Maniacs

Album: Hope Chest

Waktu rilis: 05-10-1990

National Education Week (国家教育周) (LP版) - 10000 Maniacs (一万个疯子)

Honor salute and speak


To the corner standing flag


Do you remember how the days of school were

School were


Indivisible separate worlds


Compare contrast


These dreams absurd


Placid classroom faces


Breathe in the features


Of a demographics death map trilogy


Children read them well


Not to bury 3 of 4 sons


As the likes of chivalry


Not to take 6 of 30 bills


To manufacture corpus Christi


And so you think it can be so serene


And so you think it can be so serene


History's most intolerable famine


Has clutched our global tranquility


Reaped the lives of children


Maladies collaborate


With cyclic despair


Infanticide clamors to 20 times more


In 4th and 5th worlds


The poor have always been

Beside us


Amid us

Death has always been


As million cease


As million cease 15 million that's an annual reap


Add divide multiply sum 41 thousand

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