Crazy Love (Album Version) 1996 Adam Sandler
TrekCrazy Love (Album Version)

Artis: Adam Sandler

Album: What The Hell Happened To Me? (DMD Album)

Waktu rilis: 13-02-1996

You don't mind that I think everybody's a robot and all my conversations are being recorded

And you don't mind of my that all pants are way too short on me


and I also stabbed someone with a pair of scissors a long time ago


And you don't care that I collect dead animals from the side


of the road then pretend they're alive and think I'm a famous football player


And you don't have a problem with me


when I follow people I've never met before and force them to look

at the portrait of Neil Diamond I have tattooed on my back

It's very pretty, baby


Well you must have been sent from above


You're all that I can think of


You're just as psychotic as me

My crazy love


Well it never bothers you when I wear my snowsuit

to bed every night and I make you speak in tongues to me until I fall asleep

Blah bloo blah bloo bloo

Thank you

And you don't make fun of me 'cause I still make out

with my stepfather and I also tell everyone I was on a UFO

for two and a half years

I believe you sugarpie


'Cause our love is right on track


I'm yours, your mine it's a fact


Don't forget to take your Prozac

My crazy love


Well yesterday I tickled a man who wasn't even there


Oh three days before that I ran down the street in my

Wonder Woman underwear

I didn't care Babe I know I never had a job 'cause I'm afraid

to talk to people 'cause I know that they're all robots who are seeking information

They can't fool you sweetheart


And I know that you know that I'm the one who burned my cousin

Chester's house to the ground but you told the cops we were out

ballroom dancing when the came and questioned you

I ain't no fink, dollface


'Cause we know that it's true


Only I could love you


We both eat with our hands


My crazy love

My crazy, crazy love

Oh I wish everybody was dead except for you, baby

I feel the same way Would you throw some macaroni on me?

Oh yeah, here you go

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