Your Feeling Is Mine 2014 Otis Redding
TrekYour Feeling Is Mine

Artis: Otis Redding

Album: Love Man

Waktu rilis: 10-07-2014

I hurt your feelings

And you hurt mine, girl


But I still love you

More than anything in this world


Yes, I do, your feeling and mine


You got me crying, girl


I’m going blind, girl, yeah


I’m going up, down, down, up

Losing weight by the pound


Yes, I am, your feeling and mine


Here’s my love, take it all, girl


Here’s my heart, take it all, girl


Here’s my lips, kiss them again, girl


And baby, you’ll be feeling and mine

Will never be hurt again, no


So let’s get clever, yeah and get together, yeah


And, baby, where you go, I go, you stay, I stay

Everything will be just great


Yes, it will, girl, your feeling and mine


You hurt my feeling, I hurt yours


You hurt my feeling, girl, baby, I hurt yours


We gotta stop this thing going

Stop this trying to hurt each other

We got to get together more

Got to make love to each other

You've got to love me, baby

Morning, noon and night, yeah

You've got to love me, baby yeah

Make everything alright

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