Unconditional 2001 Yolanda Adams

Artis: Yolanda Adams

Album: Believe

Waktu rilis: 04-12-2001

Unconditional unconditional

Unconditional unconditional

Who else would let someone nail them to a cross

For the sake of others so they would not be lost

No one No one will go that far for us

Who else would let someone get away with so much wrong

But still extend them gret

No one No one have so much love for us

The kind of love he shows is unconditional

His love don't come and go it's unconditional

Who else but him

He's a constant friend

Even when others turn them backs against

No one No one is always there for us


So what kind of love

So even when your closest friends and family give up on you

There's not a day when you can't depend on him

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