Endless Cycle 1989 Lou Reed
TrekEndless Cycle

Artis: Lou Reed

Album: New York

Waktu rilis: 10-01-1989

Endless Cycle - Lou Reed

The bias of the father runs on through the son


And leaves him bothered and bewildered


The drugs in his veins only cause him to spit


At the face staring back in the mirror


How can he tell a good act from the bad


He can't even remember his name


How can he do what needs to be done


When he's a follower not a leader


The sickness of the mother runs on through the girl


Leaving her small and helpless


Liquor files through her brain with the force of a gun


Leaving her running in circles


How can she tell a good act from the bad


When she's flat on her back in her room


How can she do what needs to be done


When she's a coward and a bleeder


The man if he marries will batter his child


And have endless excuses


The woman sadly will do much the same


Thinking that it's right and it's proper


Better than their mommy or their daddy did


Better than the childhood they suffered


The truth is they're happier when they're in pain


In fact, that's why they got married

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