Country Club 1995 Travis Tritt
TrekCountry Club

Artis: Travis Tritt

Album: Greatest Hits - From The Beginning

Waktu rilis: 05-09-1995

I took a double take out on the interstate

When I saw her makin’ eyes at me

So I followed her down - the clubhouse drive

Past the pool on the 18th green

In the parkin’ lot...I said it’s mighty hot

Maybe I could buy you a beer

She said I’m glad you asked...but I’ll have to pass

Cause only members are allowed in here...and I said

Well I’m a member of a country club



Country music is what I love

I drive an old Ford pick-up truck

I do my drink-in from a dixie cup

Yea I’m a bona-fide dancin’ fool

I shoot a mighty mean game of pool

At any honky-tonk roadside pub

I’m a member of a country club

look You so invitin’...thought it might be excitin’

For a woman with a limousine

To go bouncin a beat up truck

With a wore out jeans

It’s five o’clock before Friday night

Here’s where the fun begins

So don’t worry ’bout your reputation


Cause you can tell all your friends

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