Things Change 2003 Vidar Busk
TrekThings Change

Artis: Vidar Busk

Album: Love Buzz

Waktu rilis: 03-11-2003

things change

tim mcgraw


they wouldn't let him play the opry

with whiskey on his breath

and it didn't take 'em long

to figure out what they missed

he went down that lost highway

underneath the purple sky

a legend disappeared before his time

things change


they said he was the devil

dressed in gold leme

the way he shook his hips

up there on the stage

but before that fateful day

he left tennessee

all of them were calling him the king

things change


well they like to call them hippies

outlaws with guitars

but they brought a little poetry

to the H***y tonks and bars

they might've got a little too crazy

they might have flew a little too high

but somewhere somebody's playing their song tonight

things change

(don't you know things change)


now some say it's too country

some say it's too rock n roll

but it's just good music

if you can feel it in your soul

it doesn't really matter

it's always been the same

life goes on

things change


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