The Beast 2001 Blondie
TrekThe Beast

Artis: Blondie

Album: The Hunter

Waktu rilis: 30-08-2001

We want fun

We wanna run

We want fun

We gotta run

We want fun

Get out among

The hot nightclubs

Find some love

Billions of people have heard of me

And everyone knows the sun rises in the east

Not too nice, not too sweet

No one even talks to me

I shake the leaves right off the trees

I'm the bee's greasy knees

I shake 'em I break 'em

I drop 'em from eight miles high, alright


In the past my fate was cast

My social life was limited

To Halloween and New Year's Eve

Monotony was killing me,

Approaching schizophrenia

I hit the hot spots every night

And for the first time in my life

The bouncers would greet me

The doormen would escort me

Managers adored me

Photographers would follow me begging for

A smile, Beast

Over here, Beast

Here, Beast

The hat check always said to me

Hiya B, whatcha doin' later?

We want fun

We gotta run

If you need fun

Get out and run

You need fun

For feeling fine

We want fun

For feeling fine

And find the one

Now I'm not bragging, Heaven knows

I spend no more nights alone

Lucky me I'm ten foot three

And freaky

My picture has been printed

And interviews requested

One hundred times a week

Believe it

I'm not talking through my teeth

Are you sure you got it?

I mean it, to prove it, I'm in the news

It's true

It's true

Check it out

Check it out

He wants her love

She wants love

I take action get relief

Pick a partner

Pick a piece

Get satisfaction

I am the beast

I am the beast

She wants fun

He wants her love

I get satisfaction

I pick up my feet

I'm the center of attraction

By staying off the streets

And I want love

Get some funk

And get some fun

Punks like fun

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