Black Woman (Album Version) 1989 Jungle Brothers
TrekBlack Woman (Album Version)

Artis: Jungle Brothers

Album: Done By The Forces Of Nature

Waktu rilis: 01-11-1989

Black Woman (Album Version) - Jungle Brothers

Black Woman, mother of my earth

Black Woman, you gave me birth

You can truly see what's in me


You can help me be the best that I can be

You feed my fire when I'm on the wire

Keepin' me calm when it's gettin' higher

Sweet like sugar and hot like wine

Always keepin' ya on my mind


You're givin' my life a new light to reach for

Giving me so much how could I ask for more

Keepin' us tight when we're gettin' loose

The darker the berry the sweeter the juice

Black Woman


You started out just a little girl

Given the power to change the world


And though some of your ways to man are odd

You are the proof that there is a God

Black Woman ya are the mother of all

Black Woman ya stand so firm and tall

And as you aged mind body and soul


You became more beautiful


You are the Future you are the Wisdom

The Wisdom that the evil Forces tried to hide


But no longer will you be hidden


In my Jungle you will always exist


Your wish is my command


Yo command is my wish

And the job of the Man is to respect

Protect be fruitful and multiply


Honor and love love and honor


Until the Day She Dies


Black Woman


Love the woman's weapon

With every great man there's a woman behind him

Her womb is the chamber that produces life

Her breast provides the nutrition for growth


A guardian angel in the flesh


Representin' the man that watches over us both

Sent from the Heavens and the skies above

Black Woman it's you that I love

You are the Moon that I reach for

There's no doubt in my mind that it's you I adore

Sent from the Heavens and the skies above


Black Woman it's you that I love


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