Chasin' the Wind (Album Version) 2004 Chicago
TrekChasin' the Wind (Album Version)

Artis: Chicago

Album: The Very Best Of: Only The Beginning

Waktu rilis: 16-11-2004

Did the best I could

To make you mine

If you ever felt anything for me

Well, you never gave a sign

Thought time would make you change


Make you want me

But baby I never had a chance

Now I know that theres just some things

Just not meant to be

No use

Making you care about me

No way

That Im gonna win

Oh darlin

I might as well be

Chasin the wind

Oh, Im just

Chasin the wind


Opened up my heart

Let you inside

If love was what you were lookin for

Well, I guess it wasnt mine

So I guess I better go

Its over and done

But you know Im not really sad at all


cause you cant really say its over

When it never had begun

Cant reach the sea

If you cant get past the sand


Cant touch the sky

If you cant reach up your hand


Can't give if you give nothing back


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