Step into a World (Rapture's Delight) 2019 KRS-One
TrekStep into a World (Rapture's Delight)

Artis: KRS-One

Album: Urban Power Beats

Waktu rilis: 18-01-2019

Step into a world

Where there's no one left

But the very best

No MC can test


Step into a world where hip-hop is me

Where MC's and DJ's

Build up their skills as they play every day

For the rapture

Yeah what what

Yes yes y'all ya don't stop KRS-One rock on

Yes yes y'all ya don't stop KRS-One rock on

I'm bout to hit you wit that tradional style of cold rockin


Givin options for head knockin non stoppin

Tip-toppin lyrics we droppin but styles can be forgotten

So we bring back the raw hip-hoppin

Just like the records and tapes you be coppin

Cop some breakdancin boogie poppin and lockin

Tic tockin guaranteed to have you clockin

We only get better and only better we have gotten

This type of flow don't even think about stoppin

Beware the length of the rhyme flow can be shockin

All music lovers in the place right now

That never understood the way that KRS got down

Yo I'm strictly about skills and d**e lyrical coastin

Relying on talent not marketing and promotion


If a d**e lyrical flow is a must

You gots to go with a name you can quickly trust

I'm not sayin I'm number one uhh I'm sorry I lied

I'm number one two three four and five

Stop wastin your money on marketing schemes

And pretty packages pushin dreams to the beams

A d**e MC is a d**e MC

With or witout a record deal all can see

And that's who KRS be son

I'm not the run of mill cause for the mill I don't run

Yes yes y'all ya don't stop KRS-One rock on

Yes yes y'all ya don't stop KRS-One rock on


Everybody on the mic in the party sound alike

Until I recite in black and white what's right

Let me take flight my style is TIGHT AN GOOD


Old styles I pass dat slow down on fast rap

All in yo' a** crack old King go Blast dat

Conjure to ask dat hyper type of flashback


I publish like ASCAP lyrics for hand clap

No past rappin youth trackin talent lackin

MC's more worried about their financial backin

Steady packin a gat as if something's gonna happen

But it doesn't they wind up shootin they cousin they buggin

I appear everywhere and nowhere at once

I know my style is bumpin even though some people front

It's the God of rap you heard of it

The one that rhymes toward the sky givin airplanes mad turbulence

In rap tournaments I reign permanent

Don't you think by now the number one spot I'm not concerned with it

The course of rap I'm turnin it

Back to that good old fashioned way of getting cash money by earning it

No bogus hocus pocus I bring back to focus

Skills if you notice my position is lotus

Now quote this MC's are just hopeless

Thinkin record sales make them the dopest

Yes yes y'all ya don't stop KRS-One rock on

Yes yes y'all ya don't stop KRS-One rock on

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