Golden Cradle (Remastered Version) (Remastered Album Version) 1979 Emmylou Harris
TrekGolden Cradle (Remastered Version) (Remastered Album Version)

Artis: Emmylou Harris

Album: Light Of The Stable (Expanded And Remastered)

Waktu rilis: 09-11-1979

Golden Cradle (Remastered Album Version) - Emmylou Harris (爱美萝·哈里斯)

Sweet babe

A golden cradle holds thee


Soft thy mother's arms enfold thee


Fairest flowers are strew before thee


Sweet birds warble o'er thee


Sho sho shy low


No no lai lo


So sleep my babe and dream away sorrow


Peace until you wake tomorrow


I will guard thine infant slumber


Angels watch thy number


Sho sho shy low


No no nai lo

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