Winter Wars 2018 Wale
TrekWinter Wars

Artis: Wale

Album: Winter Wars

Waktu rilis: 21-12-2018

Yes, this shit is raw, comin' at your door

Black and yellow, Alizé, young Folarin

(Su-Summers off) Wha-what?

Yeah, I want the smoke with most of these niggas

I’m way doper than niggas, I make a ghost of these niggas

Nah, I want the smoke with like all of these niggas

My slime with you is Nickelodeon then I wet you

I'm bicoastal, bipolar, I buy clothes a lot

My bi bitches my best friends, we fucking been through a lot

I'm ducking your crew never, I’m checking your tour route

My niggas'll bust your bus up until it's morgue now

Some niggas was court seats, now niggas is courtside

Same niggas'll take your head off like they was Lee Corso

Mm, damn, the watermelon leaking

I'm unconventional 'cause I'm shy, but that loud speaking

Yeah, and I'm from a gentrified city

Ironic, they cake walk while niggas would pie flip at the

Broads tell me to chill, broads with me to fuck

You can call me whatever, just put that boss in front

Proud, black and I’m rich, and I’m strapped, pull up

Don't call a hater a hater, I say it’s cowardly love

In and out of the clubs and I'm out with these hoes

In-N-Out with the burger, I'm sure to hit Bossa Nova

'Bout to flex at Katana, Mr. Hefner, but darker

All my women are sexy and too articulate for you

Texting I miss ’em, I'm horny, fly in and dive in her middle

Bite on her kitten, it's purring, her body weak and important

Leak up the sheet, said she oversleep 'cause of me in the morning


And she wanna meet up too much, I tell her I'm vegan, hol' up

And I want my guys in the Forbes and I want my females in Lyft

And I know my day ones will put it down if my haters pull up

Oh, see, that mean I'm crazy, Uchis Kali, what's up?



Mm, bucka-bucka, Folarin

Take summers off

I- I take summers off

I take

I take summers off 'cause I love winter beef


I take summers off 'cause I

I take- I take

I take summers off 'cause I love winter beef

Okay, Wale, niggas coming home, we gon' party

Northeast, shout out to my dawgs Pat and Biggie

Proceed, I been going hard 2018

They taught I'd stop fighting, it's Conor and Khabib, I got it

Any flow, they done started getting shoes

They done started talking trip, I'm drowning in Penny Phoams

I just left that complex, should've put Canaries on

Walk right in that riot like we got it, nigga, there it go

2019 approaching, I'm 'bout to get back flexing

Meek, Folarin and Rozay Zion, RJ, Krzyzewski

Duke it out and we want the smoke like a hookah house

I bet them dudes mount like they coup de grace on the Moon bouncin'

Do as I say, not as I do, that is my

Real advice for you niggas bitin'

On my side sub 45 and oversizings

On my side hate 45 and whoever ride with him

I am famous and anxiety riddels my damn mind every minute

I chill out and forget it by getting high, my nigga

No, don't try a nigga 'cause I ain't 'bout to forgive 'em

You push buttons, eventually push flowers, I meant it

A real dawg sleep on me, I still ball


Silly me fed the media for a second

, yo Ebro, wanna check it?

(Take summers off) Boy, I dropped three EPs

The fiends came back scratching, oh y'all niggas need me ay

for living

From writers that need jobs, when I react, they get 'em

A lil' bag, they get 'em a lil' check

I get in my lil' feelings and really just wanna smack

A nigga and they retract, retract

I'm like nah, you said it, I walk away relaxed

They think it's done but they finished, it's winter



I take summers off 'cause I

I take- I take

I take summers off 'cause I love winter beef


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