It's A Man's World 1997 Ice Cube; Yo Yo
TrekIt's A Man's World

Artis: Ice Cube; Yo Yo

Album: Featuring...Ice Cube

Waktu rilis: 16-12-1997


Women they're good for nothing no maybe one thing

To serve needs to my ding-a-ling

I'm a man who loves the one-night stand

Cause after I do ya

Huh I never knew ya

Cause to kick it man it gives me the fits

They wanna lay with they nose under your armpits

Ice Cube won't wait so give it up cow

After we do it you can go home now

I'm a brother with a big long...

First of all let me tell you my name it's Yo-Yo

When down on a girl first the fist and that's a no-no

Yo-Yo thinks the kitchen sink should be thrown in

Niggas be scheming and fiending to stick the bone in

No, Yo-Yo's not a hoe or a whore

And if that's what you're here for

Exit through the door

There's more

To see of me but you're blind so

Women like me are fading brothers in the 9-0

Ay what up buttercupper Miss Yo-Yo

I know you like to rap and like to flow so

But when it comes to hip-hop this is a man's world

Stay down and play the playground you little girl

What you're saying I don't consider it as rapping

Cause you're on rewind and I'm the new what's-happening

It never fails I'll always get respect

And you lose so take a rain check

Hell no cause you know that I'm first and you're second

If it wasn't for me you probably be pregnant

And barefoot complaining that your back is aching

Shaking and faking while I'm bringing home the bacon

Well you're mistaken

It's not going that far

I make brothers like you play the back yard

You used to flow with the title but I took it

Bring home the bacon but find another hoe to cook it

Damn it look it

Cause you're talking a lot of bull

Well I'm not your puppet so don't even try to pull

This is a man's world thank you very much

But it wouldn't be a damn thing without a woman's touch

Ah Miss Yo-Yo so what gives

I hear females always talkin about women's lib

Well get your own crib

And stay there

Instead of having more babies for the welfare

Cause if you don't I'll label you a gold digger

The name is Ice Cube you know that I ain't the nigga

For you to look at when your hair get nappy

So take a piece of the pole and be happy

Hell no because to me you're not a thriller

You come in the room with your three-inch killer

Thinking you can do damage to my backbone

Leave your child in the yard until it's full-grown

I'm a put it like this my man

Without us your hand would be your best friend

So give us credit like you know you should

If I don't look good you don't look good

I doubt it baby cause we're still most dominant

But you don't know how funky that I can get

This is a man's world thank you very much

But it wouldn't be a damn thing without a woman's touch

Man women I put a lot of fear in em

Cause I had it up to here with em

Drink a beer with em

No way cause I can only deal with em about an hour every day

Yeah if you know what I mean baby

Well I guess now that I think about it I think maybe

If you was more of a man instead of faking it

Women deserve the credit when they're making it

Yeah so what's the problem

Well I think we solved it

I know they know the best male from who's doggin it

Yeah I admit you can flow

Well that's true

But you see I'm a pro with the bank too

Yeah I can see you got it good

Oh that I know

But you see you're not better than Yo-Yo

The brand-new intelligent black lady

You're kinda dope but you still can't fade me

So what up then

Girl what you tryin to do

To prove a black woman like me can bring the funk through

This is a man's world thank you very much

But it wouldn't be a damn thing without a woman's touch

Or a big butt

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