Love Goes On (Album Version) 2004 David Phelps
TrekLove Goes On (Album Version)

Artis: David Phelps

Album: Revelation

Waktu rilis: 24-02-2004

Love Goes On - David Phelps


A shooting star tumbles down


It's flame cannot endure


A scarlet rose withers brown


To lose it's fragrant lure


The moon illuminates the night


To vanish at the dawn


Oh but love love goes on


Fortunes fail and disappear


Like castles in the sand


And power spoils and causes fear


But yields to stronger hands


Fame lasts for a moment


Then in a moment it is gone


Oh but love love goes on


Oh beauty fades and passion wanes


And faces show their years


Oh death steals a lover's touch away


But time dries up the tears


Tunes are soon forgotten


And singers lose their song


But love goes on


A baby boy a starlit night


Kings on bended knee


Healing hands bringing sight


Then tortured on a tree

A woman sings rejoicing


He is risen he is gone

Because love love goes on


Oh love oh love goes on

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