Wolf 2002 Kathryn Williams

Artis: Kathryn Williams

Album: Old Low Light

Waktu rilis: 28-10-2002

You chose silence

You chose it more than life

You chose everything that you could

I knew from then more would be had from you

'Cause you blow the life

You blew the light

You blow the life out of her

You sit around

You sit around

Wanting her

To want you back


You don't see yourself as the wolf

You only see her as the girl

You won't be out in the woods

You'll be waiting for her behind the curtains

You don't see the mess you've made

You don't see the life you've taken from her

With every breath you suck in

You're more than the wolf

You're more than the wolf

Suck in like wolf


Suck in, suck in, suck in

Suck in, suck in, suck in


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