In The Yellow House (Album Version) 1995 Michael Franks
TrekIn The Yellow House (Album Version)

Artis: Michael Franks

Album: Abandoned Garden

Waktu rilis: 01-10-1995

In The Yellow House (Album Version) - Michael Franks (迈克尔·弗兰克斯)

No one knows the joy when you create


By definition something out of nothing


Colors canvas light


But Christ is the light Paul


The sunlight Vincent down in Arles


You painted mudes I painted flowers


We drank that cloudy absinthe all night long


And the women we loved were loose


When we lived in the yellow house


In the yellow house life was ideal


By definition something one imagine


Painters brothers friends


At least till the end came


Complete surprise attack of rage


A most peculiar place to shave


In time our fine companionship went wrong


But the pictures are living proof


Of our life in the yellow house


Ruined studio of the south


Three short months in the yellow house


I never knew that the malady was madness

Neither did I my friend it sneaks on you from behind


I believed your condition had improved

I was convinced that hard work


And our friendship would cure me


I was blind to your suffering forgive me

You always helped me when you could


You did your best at least your tried

But not enough to distract you from the end


A wheat field with crows and those cypresses in starry night


You painting sunflowers is how I remember you


Only my pistol can comfort this sadness tonight

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