Poor Boy (Album Version) 1996 Steve Earle
TrekPoor Boy (Album Version)

Artis: Steve Earle

Album: I Feel Alright

Waktu rilis: 05-03-1996

I was born on the other side of town

Everybody over there just puts me down

I never thought about it much, ‘til the first time I saw you

Uh-oh, what's a poor boy gonna do

It's bad enough to love you from afar

Me down here and you up where you are

If you hadn't given me that look, that's all it took it's true

U-oh, what's a poor boy gonna do

Baby what's a poor boy got, not a heck of a lot

Just a heart that's true

One thing he sure doesn't need is a heart that bleeds

And these lovesick blues

I know o poor boy can't go far

Baby, maybe someday drive your car

I can look in my rearview, into those eyes of blue

Uh-oh what's a poor boy gonna do

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