Walkin' My Baby Back Home 1990 George Benson
TrekWalkin' My Baby Back Home

Artis: George Benson

Album: Big Boss Band

Waktu rilis: 11-09-1990

Gee it's great after being out late

Walkin my baby back home

Arm in arm over meadow and farm

Walking my baby back home

We go long harmonizing a song

Or I'm reciting a poem

Owls go by and they give me the eye

Walking my baby back home

We stop for a while she gives me a smile

And snuggles her head on my chest

We start into pet and that's when I get


Her talcum all over my vest

After I kinda straighten my tie

She has to borrow my comb

One kiss then I continue again

Walking my baby back home


She's fraid of the dark so I have to park

Outside of her door till it's light

She says if I try to kiss her she'll cry

I dry her tears all through the night

Hand in hand to a barbecue stand

Right from her doorway we roam

Eats and then it's a pleasure again

Walking my baby talking my baby

Loving my baby I don't mean maybe

Walking my baby back home

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