Now She's Gone (Album Version) 1996 Steve Earle
TrekNow She's Gone (Album Version)

Artis: Steve Earle

Album: I Feel Alright

Waktu rilis: 05-03-1996

She was her daddy's little darlin'

Her mama's only child

They didn't understand at all when

She took to running wild

She left town one day and never said goodbye

Left a hole in daddy's lap and a tear in mama's eye

Where'd we go wrong and now she's gone

She met a boy up in Kentucky

Charlie was his name

Just when he thought he got lucky

She stole his watch and chain

She always kept on movin' and she never wasted time

And they said she left quite a string of broken hearts behind

Woke up alone and now she's gone

Me, I wasn't even trying

You could say I was content

She went through my life like lightning

Blew out the other end

I still taste her kisses, smell her perfume in the wind

And if I could you know that I would do it all again

She done me wrong, and now she's gone

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