Byblos 2004 Chicago

Artis: Chicago

Album: Chicago VII (Expanded and Remastered)

Waktu rilis: 12-11-2004

Byblos(LP Version) - Chicago

I saw her once before; she didn't turn me on.


One night she stopped to talk to pass the time.


And then I saw her eyes;

her softly smiling glow,


We sat and talked all night at Byblos.


She talked of feelings that I knew were true.


She painted me a picture using ev'ry shade of blue


It was light with laughter,


At times it made me cry,


And now I'll never know just


why I didn't ever try to hold her;


to squeeze her; to kiss her all night long,

I never tried to please her.


Then, soon she had to go;


I sat there all alone


And thought of things she said

The whole day through.


And then I realized,

I never took the time


To find out where she lived

Or where to call.


I thought that I would see

Her the next night,


Anticipating how I'd set myself right.


Then, I went back to Byblos;


I sat there and waited,


Feeling just a little nervous

And a little frustrated.


Then, soon, in she came,


looking just the same


Oo, I could hardly wait

to take her far from the game.


Then a person came in to the club


that I had to speak to

I explained the situation to her


And i thought she understood


But I guess she thought I was jiving her around


Cause when I looked for her, this is what I found


She was rapping with a real good friend of mine,


He was happening, I guess it was his time.


I really couldn't blame him,

cause he was sad and lonely too.


But just talking to her did me so much good,

I knew she'd do him good too.


Then I went home and I got it on,


Sat down to write these words

when I was finally alone.


And then, about halfway through


I wondered if someone knew


where she was, so I could give her a call,

And I found out that

she was right down the hall,


Not too far away,


but that's ok, I'll just wait

for the day when I can see

her again and spend some time.


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