Mr. I Do And The Doo Doos (Album Version) 2004 Adam Sandler
TrekMr. I Do And The Doo Doos (Album Version)

Artis: Adam Sandler

Album: Shhh...Don't Tell (U.S. PA Version)

Waktu rilis: 13-07-2004



Mr. I Do And The Doo Doos (Album Version) - Adam Sandler (亚当·桑德勒)

The boys say don't you do it


Get a grip for goodness sake


Why you getting married

Such a big league mistake


You lose all your freedom


When you're solo you got it made


But while you guys are home whackin' it

I'll be with my new wife gettin' laid have mercy


Well they say you'll have no privacy

The old lady's always there


But the good news is she'll blow me

And let me shoot it in her hair


So while you're all out searching


For that strange piece of trim


Remember I don't have to wear a condom

Whenever I stick it in no way


So you guys go watch your football


Trust me I'll be fine


'Cuz after we brunch with her mother

I'm comin' home to a sixty nine


And she'll go ah ah uh lickety lick


Oo ah that's my husband's dick


Now fellas I'll be thinkin' of ya


Even though I've moved on


You'll always be my homies

But I'm puttin' down the bong


'Cause my soulmate's my whole life now

I knew the first time I kissed her

But if she ever stops having s*x with me

I'll call you guys and we'll bang her sister ah yeah


Yeah if she ever stops having s*x with me


We'll all gang bang her hot sister

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