Two Boys 2004 OSANNA
TrekTwo Boys


Album: Landscape Of Life

Waktu rilis: 28-12-2004

Two Boys - OSANNA

Written by:Vairetti/Rustici


Two boys


They lived

In the garden


Of the world


One day they were playin'

Realized they looked alike

So to avoid confusion

Decided to do something new


The first


Painted green


The other


All in yellow


They transformed their names

With colours they had chosen

Played forgettin' all

Proud of their strange and odd change




Admired them


For joy


They created

Green and yellow happy

Rainbow was their friend

Forgettin' that their skin

Took their colours more an' more


Oh yeah


Their time


Flew away


But colours




When children admired

But grown ups refused

So they swept their friendship

Run away from different roads


The first


Was rich


The other




Green bought other skins

He became part of others

Yellow became a tramp yeah

The brightest colour in the world


Two boys


Two boys


Two boys


Two boys


Yellow an' green


Yellow an' green


Yellow an' green


Yellow an' green

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