Illinois (Album Version) 1995 The Everly Brothers
TrekIllinois (Album Version)

Artis: The Everly Brothers

Album: Roots

Waktu rilis: 09-05-1995

Illinois - The Everly Brothers

Clean Prairie winds blow from Rockford to Cairo

Over the cornfields that gleam in the sun

And off in the east glow, the lights of Chicago

When daylight has ended and night has begun

In Illinois, Illinois


The skyline, the stockyard

The gold coast, the grain fields

Chicago, the giant that leads all the rest

Chicago where trains roll, into the station

The heart of the nation, the start of the West

In Illinois, Illinois


In Illinois, Illinois blue haze of winter

Hangs over the Prairie

Feel the soft winds of spring

Chase the chill from the air


Bright August mornings

and the warm summer rainfall


On brisk autumn days

With a harvest to share

In Illinois, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

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