Brickbats 2003 Captain Beefheart

Artis: Captain Beefheart

Album: Doc At The Radar Station

Waktu rilis: 01-03-2003

Brickbats fly at my fireplace

Upside down I see them in the fire

They squeak and roast there

Wings leap across the floor

Fold up the wall shadows

The window curtain ghost

Throws my heart and dusts my throat

My mind caught by the corner

Gradually decides its safe

Becomes a bat itself

Flexes its little claws

Curse its leather wings

With loud, hollow pops

Around the room

Threatening to dash its brains

Somehow at the last minute

Retreats and becomes a natural glue

And holds fast and slow

In every other motion

Making the night more interesting

Becomes a cold, liquid breeze

That freezes and thaws

And pours the surroundings full

As no breath can be taken

It drowns and relieves

To see the black turn into yellow

And the yellow into black.





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