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Artis: Machine Gun Kelly

Album: bloom

Waktu rilis: 12-05-2017

The Gunner (Explicit) - Machine Gun Kelly (机关枪凯利)

Written by:Colson Baker pka "MGK" for EST/B. Allen/S. Basil


Ayy my walk is so cocky the bouncers don't even stop me

Ain't no pat down no ID

They know me that sh*t obvi

B**ch I pack out the lobby just from fans tryna find me

I got daughters and mothers tryna f**k with the gunner

Two tone suit like the joker

My Harley Quinn wears a choker

Let them suicide doors up

So much smoke can't photo us

I'm out west like the gold rush 1942 poured up

I ain't spent one night sober since I turned 20 years old

But I'm on my jeezy in 2005 trap or die sh*t


The everyday 100 this ain't no facade sh*t

This that look me in my eyes and don't you f**kin' lie sh*t

Still don't need no opinions

B**ch most these artists my minions whoa


Any w**d around me finna get burnt

No lie I'm on fire


Hogtie anybody need a realization that they f**kin' with the wrong guy

I am the alpha omega came from sonic on a sega

Crumblin' chronic on the table

Mumbling lyrics in the basement

Like I'm finna go super Saiyan

I'm saying I ain't had a plan coming out the land

Hanging with my man tryna slang a gram

Just to rent a van just to try and tour

Turn some common clothing in to couture

Steal money from the sewer

Look at all that I been doing

All them years I couldn't afford places in the morgue

We are not the same say the f**kin' name


I am the gunner the gunner the gunner


I am the gunner the gunner the gunner


I am the gunner the gunner the gunner


I am the gunner


Let's do this for real


Super sonic super sonic


Psychedelics and some chronic

Still remain a trending topic

Five movies let's be honest what you call it

That's a major motion picture wallet


No I do not want a comment


Don't approach me I am violent


Snapping pictures 'cause I'm styling

Let me make it very f**king clear who I am

Do not start assuming let me clear confusion


I am not a human they call me a giant


I pick up the mic and I start a riot


I spit a verse and I change the climate

F**k a dealer man I need the pilot

Drop the weight off like he on a diet

Hanging off of the balcony of the Hyatt


I started with one and I'm multiplying


Now I got me 3 women like Frankie Lymon

And I got me a double x made in diamonds

B**ch the dynasty never dying


Someone ring the sirens I just f**k the silence

I just sparked the loud up who the f**k can stop us

I resort to violence no resorts and islands

You know where to find us


I am the gunner the gunner the gunner


I am the gunner the gunner the gunner


I am the gunner the gunner the gunner


I am the gunner

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