Be My All 1994 Chris Connor
TrekBe My All

Artis: Chris Connor

Album: A Jazz Date With Chris Connor

Waktu rilis: 16-08-1994

Be My All (LP版) - Chris Connor (克利丝·康娜)

Written by:Jimmy Sherman/Bart Howard


Be my all


Or be my nothing


Be my friend my lover my darling


Be my hands


Be my eyes


Be my own paradise


Or be my nothing


Be my all


Or just forget me


Keep my face forever before you


When you fix your thoughtful stare on the sea

Find me there


Or forget me


Carry me in your sight


And my dear in the night


I'll be near as near can be


Bury me in your heart


Then my love can we part


When my love you can see


That I am all


Or I am nothing


I'm your friend


Your lover


Your darling


Yours in joy

And in sorrow


Now and tomorrow


Or I'm nothing

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