No Return (Goin' Crazy) 1994 Saafir
TrekNo Return (Goin' Crazy)

Artis: Saafir

Album: Boxcar Sessions

Waktu rilis: 27-09-1994

In a slow silent walk I hear tha

Violent talk I hear them talk half

Asleep as they stalk what the man

Is in this moon I'm punctual

Like a star I've harbored

Death that stale taste embraced by


Breath such mysteries in kissin these

She devils tell me ya pretty by the

Lamp in your attire nutthin at stake

I must vampire her retire mint funds

I switch the essence when I found

Out my girl was not a blesson

Hatred seeps in she sleeps in my

Man draws what's wrong? I'm taking

Life long leaps my freak was late by

The hour she's in the shower with

Him grim thoughts to nightmares

Women in millions when they sleep

Will reep the broth wraped in

Mummy's cloth a blurred touching

Who feels that delight I'll have you

On emotions walkin butt naked down

Streets at night stripped of

Your stripes around ya mind a vine

Of thorns terrible beauty

Still born the spirit of pity whispered

But lyrics middi blistered into babies


These shady ladies be hatchin hades

You'll burn no return goin crazy


Unnatural vices are fathered when

Thoughts of a dry brain in a dry


Pry treason out the mask upon the


Where every little creek is shot with

Silver bullets that is no problem i

Have a barrel of assorted verbs let

Me pluck-one

Fuck you much too dwindled and


Dead on white and cloudy clear


Oh I'm ya son I'm told oh you mean


One that turns copper into brass


You got a weak chassis ya blood


No bones on the cash the selling of

Ass pockets dribble chestnuts and

I'm that pimp chimpmunk soakin



Ya funds up I still roll with game

But lane changing slowly irritates the

Fuck out of me comes my confusion my


With images voices from my


Said to me he must be killed sticks

And stones break him off touch his


No more hate puddles covered with

Glass the aborted birth from a


Bowel in a distorted earth woth

Phrases I fell mazes concocting


Not going to feel me I got


Jumping off a bridge reg a fool i'm


Than pool I'm deep deeper than a


But my smile is not so simple

Impervious insert this shit you got to


High to fade me fuck it let's go crazy


Don't you stare at me don't glare

At me what do I see a wound we

Have the exhibit of pain rugs wit

Bloodstains neckties and fangs eyes

Brains I'm coverin roads like vogues

Drink the flows I'm telegraphing

This punch the hunchback of

Oakland unloadin on the spokin

Unconventional the stench of the

Arouses the nostrils of the hostile

I'm strange in my untried game

But I'll get the same response

But arise the paralyzation has been

Lifted ponce de leon couldn't find

This flow a fountain that spans

Beyond the mountains of a man's

Limitation comes the unhygenic

Schizophrenic I'm shittin in it

Don't phase me could it be that i'm

Goin crazy.

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