...So Addictive (Intro) [feat. Charlene "Tweet" Keys] 2001 Missy Elliott
Trek...So Addictive (Intro) [feat. Charlene "Tweet" Keys]

Artis: Missy Elliott

Album: Miss E....So Addictive

Waktu rilis: 15-05-2001



...So Addictive (LP Intro) (featuring Charlene Tweet Keys) - Missy Elliott (蜜西·艾莉特)

I know some of y'all sick of songs

Y'all be hearin' on the radio

Ohhhh ohhh

So me and timbaland gone give

That sh*t you never heard before

Sh*t you never heard before ohhh

It's like drinkin' liquor or w**d

Or X whatever does you the best

My beats are so sooooo addichictive

C'mon get krunk with me

See if you're ridin' down the street

And you're 'bout to roll that sh*t up

You don't need drugs or w**d

Oh nah you ain't smokin' that stank sh*t up in my car

Get your feet off my dashboard

C'mon get krunk with me

Oh yeah you wanna get krunk though


Well pop this C D in right here and take a hit of me

'Cause my album is so addictive


Now punk this balance sh*t

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