Somewhere I've Never Travelled (Album Version) 2000 Ambrosia
TrekSomewhere I've Never Travelled (Album Version)

Artis: Ambrosia

Album: Somewhere I've Never Travelled

Waktu rilis: 01-02-2000

Somewhere I've Never Travelled

That's where I've been today


Somewhere beyond all reason


But it became the only way

find it


Something inside of me


I can find it


Someplace I've always dreamed of


That's what I finally see


And when I'm there I feel love


So there I always want to be

I believe it


Believe in myself


I have seen it


And there's a day when you'll wake

With the sun in your eyes


Hearing a voice that is calling

Within you to rise




Someday I'll be there

Though I know not


Where I go

There I'll be

When I go


Somewhere I'd never travelled


That's where it all began


And as my dreams unravel


I long to go that way again

I am waiting


Waiting to take you there


No more waiting


Somewhere I've Never Travelled (Album Version) - Ambrosia


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