I've Changed (Interlude) [feat. Lil' Mo] 2001 Missy Elliott; Lil' Mo
TrekI've Changed (Interlude) [feat. Lil' Mo]

Artis: Missy Elliott; Lil' Mo

Album: Miss E....So Addictive

Waktu rilis: 15-05-2001


I've Changed(Interlude) (Amended LP Version) - Missy Elliott (蜜西·艾莉特)/Lil' Mo (莉儿摩)

Yes I've changed again baby


Changed changed

Changed the games that I used to play

Play leaving when I stay

Woo ohhh ooooh baby

I've changed I said that I've changed

I said I've changed the games ain't the same

They ain't the same


I've changed the pressure wasn't greatener


On the other siiiiide ide ide ide

Aight aight aight mo chill cause I know I've changed

Yo mo I know I've changed baby I swear I'm changed

Yo mo chill yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yo chill you singing like you


You singing like you in church raisin money I've changed


You changed I'm bout to change to a new track ohhh

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