Casanova 1976 Bryan Ferry

Artis: Bryan Ferry

Album: Let's Stick Together

Waktu rilis: 01-09-1976

You - the hero

So many times

You′ve loved

And didn′t linger


Now my finger


Points at you


- another loser


You - an island


On your own



In every detail



A precious jewel


Or just a fool



It′s in your mind


And blood


I watch it simmer


I see you′re courting


More despair

No hope?


Not a glimmer


Now you′re nothing

But second hand


In glove


With second rate now


Now you′re flirting

With heroin


- or is it cocaine?


Casanova -

Is that your name


Or do you live there?


I know my place

Is here with you



But not together

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