That Sunday, That Summer (Album Version) 1993 Kathie Lee Gifford
TrekThat Sunday, That Summer (Album Version)

Artis: Kathie Lee Gifford

Album: Sentimental

Waktu rilis: 13-04-1993

That Sunday, That Summer - Kathie Lee Gifford

If I had to choose just one day

To last my whole life through

It would surely be that sunday

The day that I met you

Newborn whippoorwills were calling from the hills

Summer was a-coming in but fast

Lots of daffodils were showing off their skills

Nodding all together I could almost hear them whisper

"go on kiss her go on and kiss her"


If I had to choose one moment

To live within my heart

It would be that tender moment

Recalling how we started

Darling it would be when you smiled at me

That way that sunday that summer

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