Takin' My Time [Remastered Version] 2001 Bonnie Raitt
TrekTakin' My Time [Remastered Version]

Artis: Bonnie Raitt

Album: Sweet Forgiveness

Waktu rilis: 16-10-2001

Takin' My Time (LP Version) - Bonnie Raitt

I'm takin' my time


So please don't rush me


Tryin' to sort out some things

I didn't know existed

I've been here before

I know where the traps lie


You only take what's there

'Cause the rest doesn't matter


Well I'm tired of talk

So please don't push me


You know I want the same

Kinda things that you do

You're wasting your time

The way you come on to me


Slow down your rhymes

And try to reason


Can't make things move any faster


By second wishing them to death


You seem to be living on a level


It's decent enough


You got what you wanted


So why do you tell me

That I'm on the wrong track?

I'm doin' the best I can do


I try to out guess the situation


That I know your not even fully aware of

And I want you to know if it keeps on this way


Can't keep on letting you bring me down

Can't keep on letting you bring me down

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