Mono (Squeaky Clean) 2004 Courtney Love
TrekMono (Squeaky Clean)

Artis: Courtney Love

Album: America's Sweetheart

Waktu rilis: 10-02-2004

Hey yeah we had everything

Vinyl in mono


And we looked the other way man

We were so dumb


Is this the part in the book that you wrote

Where I gotta come and save the day


Did you miss me


Did you miss me


Well they say that rock is dead


And they're probably right

99 girls in the pit

Did it have to come to this

Oh god you owe me one more song

So i can prove to you that

I'm so much better than him

Oh god just gonna listen fast

Here comes the crash

We're gonna rise above

We're gotta smash it up

You won't abandon us again


Give us brilliant boys that we wanna fuck man

Full of ecstasy, hard drugs and bad luck

Yeah yeah yeah

Turn the lights back on


You burn so hard


But you won't burn long


Three chords in your pocket tonight

Are you, you the one

With the spark to bring my punk rock back

And i dont think so

Oh god i wanna hear you say

I wanna hear you say that you're sorry again

Oh god you owe me one more song

So I could prove to you

That I'm so much better than them

Oh god I'd give you anything

To hear you say that I was right

And you were wrong

Oh god before i leave this life

Now enable us to love

A hook is never gonna come

Just give it back to me

Blow out all of the lights tonight


Two million miles down the PCH

(and now he's gone)

I slashed his tires, i bled his brakes

(it had to be done)

Their hand job lives were just too cruel

You merciless villlan

We drowned them all in their swimming pools

Run away run away run away yeah


Oh god i wanna hear you say

I wanna hear you say that you were wrong again

Oh god i wanna hear you say i wanna hear you say

That i am so much better than you

Oh god you owe us one more song

Get out my life, see this world as it really is

Is it just a sad side show

Can make a hooker cum

And enable us to love

I need one thing that's divine

Let me hear it tonight

Let me hear it tonight

I've got to hear it tonight

You're gonna let me hear the lost cord tonight, yeah

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