White City 2001 The Pogues
TrekWhite City

Artis: The Pogues

Album: The Very Best Of The Pogues

Waktu rilis: 12-03-2001

White City - The Pogues

Here a tower shinning bright

Once stood gleaming in the night


Where now there's just the rubble


In the hole here the paddies and the frogs


Came to gamble on the dogs


Came to gamble on the dogs not long ago


Oh the torn up ticket stubs


From a hundred thousand mugs


Now washed away with dead dreams in the rain


And the car-parks going up


And they're pulling down the pubs


And its just another bloody rainy day


Oh sweet city of my dreams


Of speed and skill and schemes


Like Atlantis you just disappeared from view


And the hare upon the wire

Has been burnt upon your pyre


Like the black dog that once raced

Out from trap two


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