Steve Polychronopolous (Album Version) 1996 Adam Sandler
TrekSteve Polychronopolous (Album Version)

Artis: Adam Sandler

Album: What The Hell Happened To Me? (DMD Album)

Waktu rilis: 13-02-1996

I'm a big fuckin' dick I'm a pain in your ass I drink all your beer I'll eat the last slice I'll give you charley horses I'll pull your shorts down at the beach I always need a ride Nobody likes me My name's Steve Motherfucking Polychronopolous I spit when I talk I swear in front of your mother I throw shit at the movies I wear tight pants I ask you to buy an extra Yankee ticket And then I don't show I tell you I saw your girlfriend Fucking two guys at a party 'Cause my name's Steve Motherfucking Polychronopolous I'll piss on your toilet seat and tell your dad you get stoned I'll borrow your jacket and never think of returning it Polychronopolous Pansy Pussy Shit for brains Douchebag I'll leave your gate open So your dog runs away I'll make fun of your pimple Then I'll grab your sister's ass 'Cause my name's Steve Motherfucking Polychronopolous And I don't care And I don't give a shit I'll break your brother's stereo And then tell him it was you You think you're better than me Well you're fucking wrong Everybody knows I'm Steve Motherfucking Polychronopolous Deal with it Polychronopolous

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