So Happy Birthday (Remastered Version) (Remastered LP Version) 2005 Laurie Anderson
TrekSo Happy Birthday (Remastered Version) (Remastered LP Version)

Artis: Laurie Anderson

Album: Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology

Waktu rilis: 04-01-2005

So Happy Birthday (Remastered LP Version) - Laurie Anderson


JOE: In our country you're free and so you're born

And so they say "You're free " so happy birthday


And even if you were born to lose--even if you were

A complete wreck when you were born--you might still

Grow up to be president because you're free


GERALDINE: Today you might be an average citizen

A civilian a pedestrian But tomorrow you might

Be elected to some unexpected office--or sell your novel

And suddenly become famous Or you could get run over

By a truck and your picture could get into the papers

_that_ way Because you're free and anything might happen

so happy birthday


JOE: Gee All those lights and all those screens


The New York Experience is mind-boggling I don't think

I've ever seen that many screens and I'll probably come

Again It was really amazing mind-boggling

GERALDINE: You're walking and you don't always realize

It but you're always falling at the same time With each

Step you fall forward Over and over you're falling

And then catching yourself from falling And this is

How you can be walking and falling at the same time


JOE: Look Over there It's a real dog and it's really talking

GERALDINE: I wanted you and I was looking for you

But I couldn't find you I wanted you and I was looking

For you all day but I couldn't find you


JOE: Well I paid my money and I've got this funny feeling

That somehow--you know--it's not what I paid my money for

I mean I _paid_ my money and I just don't think this is

What I paid my money--you know--what I paid my money for


GERALDINE: No one has ever looked at me like this before

No one has ever _stared_ at me for so long like this

This is the first time anyone has ever looked at me like

This stared at me like this for such a long time

For so long


JOE: Well he didn't know what to do so he just decided

To watch the government and see what the government was

Doing and then kind of scale it down to size--and run his

Life that way


GERALDINE: She said the hardest thing to teach her

Three-year-old kid was what was alive and what wasn't


The phone rings and she holds it out to her kid and says

"It's Grandma Talk to Grandma " But she's holding a

Piece of plastic And the kid says to herself: "Wait a

Minute Is the phone alive Is the TV alive What about

That radio What is alive in this room and what doesn't

Have life " Unfortunately she doesn't know how to ask

These questions


JOE: We were in a large room Full of people All kinds

And they had arrived at the same time And they were all

Free and they were all asking themselves the same question:


What is behind that curtain They were all free And they

Were all wondering what would happen next


GERALDINE: This is the time and this is the record of the time

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