Nonchalant 2018 6LACK

Artis: 6LACK

Album: East Atlanta Love Letter

Waktu rilis: 14-09-2018

Nonchalant (Clean) - 6LACK

Lyricist:LUCIANBLOMKAMP/Steven Vidal/6LACK

Composer:LUCIANBLOMKAMP/Steven Vidal/6LACK


Mastered at:Larrabee Sound Studios, CA

Mix Engineering:Chris Galland

Mix Assisted by:Scott Desmarais/Robin Florent

Mixed at:Larrabee Sound Studios, CA

Recorded by:JT Gagarin

Mastered by:Michelle Mancini

Mixed by:Manny Marroquin

Additional Production by:LUCIANBLOMKAMP

Label:Interscope Records & LVRN

Recorded at:The Village Studios (Los Angeles, CA)

Watch your mouth when you lettin' s**t slide

Don't you know I got way too much pride

Sneak dissin' way on the other side

I turn your f**king wave to a tide

I'm so f**king tired somehow I still find the time

To care a little more about my rhymes

To care a little more about my peers

To think a little less about my fears

To care a little more about your ears

I give a piece of me to everybody I meet

Not because they want it it's because it's prolly a need

Claim they woke but they probably asleep in a cage

Thinking if they make a mil they be free like Meek nah

I turned a nightmare right into a dream yeah

I keep my sanity 'cause I ain't on the scene yeah

I know I gotta be a rock like Dwayne

So I'm tryna be a rock like Dwayne Carter Rebirth

Put that line in reverse add a little reverb yeah

We work so my n***as ain't gotta be on T-Shirts

Watch me get my hands dirty with the rework

D**n do I even have the fans for this s**t

To be rapping like these people understanding this s**t

It's demanding and s**t but I stand for these kids

Like they stan for the kid understand how we clear

Crack a beer when I'm feelin' pissed hmm yeah

But I ain't got nobody hand up my back you ventriloquist

Ever since my songs went platinum like Sisqó

Life done found a filter like VSCO ay

But it's okay 'cause

If you down and you need a lil' help it's a way

If you hatin' and you feelin' insecure Issa Rae

I'm somewhere between humble and hell nah

These n***as drop their second album then fell off

My nonchalant flow will never end right

It be at they necks if it's in sight

Squeezing until they crack a windpipe

Loosen the grip have a lil' remorse

You dial 9-1-1 I pull up in a Porsche

Word is I'm carrying the torch and I ain't wanna share

So beware if you reach you get scorched

Ever since I jumped off the porch

I knew that I would grow to be the boy

The boy then grew to be the man

Learned how to kill a hook Peter Pan

I'm tryna make the end stand out

But I'm so f**king outstanding

I'm so f**king outlandish and a opp can't win

Man's not hot

I been on ten landslide wins yeah

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