Playa Hayta (Album Version) 1994 Saafir
TrekPlaya Hayta (Album Version)

Artis: Saafir

Album: Boxcar Sessions

Waktu rilis: 27-09-1994

It's best you let me wander or I'll taunt ya with my brain

I'm the editor in chief, the leaf a rap a dope shit antique

Rope kits for the hang time a heinous crime

'Cause I drain his mind, open it up, ooh, not

The same as mine not the same ass rhyme

Nickel plated statements with nickel plated

Knuckle faded faces, no matter what the race is

I hope ya cockpit got shit I stock

Hits inventory glorious, I owe me this

I'm on my homies shit, the homeless shown

This skill is real when I attack from the back

I'll say a rhyme then pull your spinal cord from your torso

More so or better

Yet more or less it's not an option

I'm coppin' a plea seizing a shop and hopin' a cop's

A blow of the past if not, I'll be blowin' his ass away

J Groove is on the cross, I'm the heavyweight fader of a playa hayta


Analysis is deep, forever on the peep and I'm the best

The crest of the ho shit, yeah

You can't manifest destiny unless it's me

Oh, you don't approve of my moves

But I'm not starvin' for jargon, so save it

My libido is the needle to the wax, I like to tax in

Gazebos, surviving like a mac king, clever

Never lacking when I'm stacking endeavors

I try and try to tell fools

That I've been through hell and my tools ain't the same

As yours Coors light, that's what they're drinkin'

Must be I'm wrong, yours is right

That's why you're sinkin' in your own sight

Nose is in my business, witnessin' your own fate

Drownin' in your own lake of hate

But I don't see no abstinent crabs in it

Perverse perpin' after the salt I can

Hear the rehearsal of a serpent, urgent

'Cause you don't use your head when you shed skin


Dead end for a playa hayta


Charades, are played but I keep getting it in

Large amounts because I be doin'

These Hoogies' charge account like a banker

I'm patient and I be waiting like an anchor

To spank her then I get the softy sanka

Coffee drinkin', breath stinkin', cheddar cheese


Eatin' wheat germ, checker board pants

Wearin' can't dance and you're starin' in

My grill But you had a steak a nervous

Twitch and you're a badly fake

And I heard his bitch is gettin' around like Tupac

Servin' niggas two at a time like she got

Two cocks, new blocks she be conquering

Zip codes, I rip ho's that be lappin' up

Mark ass lames then charge it to the

Game So he next time you step to me

Like a defense attorney, ha, I'll fade ya

'Cause you're a playa hayta


From a real playa ' cause I play the game

The same, not behind no dame


So you can get these thangs

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