Lolsmh (Explicit|Interlude) 2019 Boogie
TrekLolsmh (Explicit|Interlude)

Artis: Boogie

Album: Everythings For Sale

Waktu rilis: 25-01-2019

Lolsmh (Explicit|Interlude) - Boogie

Lyrics by:A. Dixson/Chris McCleaney/Keyel Walker

Composed by:A. Dixson/Chris McCleaney/Keyel Walker

Produced by:Keyel/C-Ballin





Come on

Yeah yeah yeah



Yo yeah


LOL crying face make me shake my head yeah

They gon' uh

Step on me now placed on a pedestal

They find me dead yeah that's f**ked up

Yeah that water under the bridge

Just use that s**t as a charter

May my friendship be a channel

For all the pain you can't harbor

It's hard for me to be happy

Wish my girl would just dump me

I done showed you all my ugly but

Why the f**k you ain't judge me

No my skin ain't thick it's thin

It probably bleed soon as you touch me

I love it if you hate me I hate

That you f**king love me

I've been up then broke then up

Again and still can't see the difference

That's the s**t they won't speak

About like n***as killing n***as

Man my bro bro on the

Brink of being broke

He on the bridge without a rope

It hit my heart to see

The world it ran him low

Plus he got a six month old

And he can barely keep her fed

And gotta deal with baby mama

Hanging s**t over his head

Man I went and tell him f**k

Her bro I know you ain't no sucker

But I see it in his face man

He hate that he f**king love her

Yeah yeah yeah

S**t wild


S**t hit me deep I'm like star

Me out if I stutter and say

I'd give my arm and my leg

To get this out my head

Yeah yeah uh

It's crazy step on me now

Placed on a pedestal they find me dead

Yeah yeah

Forever blunt tobacco guts sitting in my bed yeah

You could could swim forever if

You see these tears that I done shed

Yeah I'm turning on your head

I don't know why you shaking your head

Man I swear ooh n***as ain't s**t

Ehh f**kboy f**kboy tendencies

Yo yo earth huh

I know your fight to be free

Locked in your mind I'm surprised

And you think that silence is key

You ain't designed to be blind

And lost in the night like you be

I know the hurt in your eyes

Oh my you remind me of me

And it's a lot we don't see

Gotta be tough 'cause acting tough all day

Shoulder shrugs then show the

World you give no f**ks all day

Plus got a story I could never show you

Scared if you open up n***as

Just might have leverage on you

Uh and I'm like God why you give your line

But you ain't been replying

I'm like God say you had my back

But n***a you been lying

I'm like God it's gold I got inside

My s**t needs refining uh

And yes sometimes I need reminder

Remind me that I'm gonna be

Remind me that I'm gonna be straight

Remind me if my heart do break

Remind me that it's gon' reshape

Remind me n***a stand your ground

Remind me not to call Jhene

I helped her get up on her feet for me

To see her walk away SMH f**k

I don't know why you shaking your head

Daddy man I swear n***as ain't s**t

F**k yo he's doing some f**kboy s**ts

F**kboy tendencies

You just some f**kboy

Here we go

Every n***a's main is just another n***a's sideline

My hoes won't know I'm coming if this plane don't got WiFi

Why I'm over s**t when I be under the influence

But wake up feeling bad to know

The home that I just ruined

Don't think that you booming and

Think you on because you 10 bags up

Too much pressure to be on social

Shut shut your b***h a*s up

Uh back to this mission I carry out

We get wind that you tryna' diss

Then on God we gon' air it out

The creator of feeling sorry I'm dying to get 'em off me

Line up around the corner to get in your pity party

Pissed 'cause you picked me apart but don't ever pick me up

Ain't no gif or emoji depict

How much I don't give a f**k

It really go

Please don't compare me to n***as not in my league

If I tricked on any b***h know

It's more I got up my sleeve

Ain't no dreams of being Mike he can't do s**t for me

I'm tryna be like Weeder n***a that's my big homie

Free him tho uh

Trained to be in hell n***as got derailed

I don't need a scale everything for sale

Yeah yeah

LOL and then I shake my head

Step on me now placed on a pedestal they find me dead

Uh oh f**k man

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